Our Story: A Father, Son Journey

The ChickenFoot is my Pops's idea. It sparked a Father, Son journey.  Pops invented the ChickenFoot to stay active despite a back-injury.  With The ChickenFoot, Pops went from one game a week to competing in national bocce tournaments (with me).  The ChickenFoot is a new family chapter. One that thrills us to bring a helpful idea into a classic sport. Because Bocce is Family.

Pops and I never worked well together.  We always disagreed about how to complete the task. From a full bathroom remodel, to installing a Doughboy pool - we did it but, not without a good amount of grief. So when Pops told me about his "crazy bocce ball retriever", it felt like a good project to prove that we could work well together.

We quickly pulled in our close friend Martin Vasquez to help with the design, engineering and production. The three of us brought the original ChickenFoot Classic to the bocce world in 2016 at the US Bocce Federation National Bocce Championships, in Livermore CA. 

Three years later, we sold out of the ChickenFoot - People Love It!  And we loved playing bocce with all of you!! We listened to your suggestions and have spent the last few years redesigning the ChickenFoot to bring you our best.

We hope you enjoy the ChickenFoot Premiere.


Dan & Nathan Urioste

Father, Son