A Father and Son Journey

My dad invented the original ChickenFoot Classic bocce ball retriever in 2016. We debuted the first ever commercial bocce ball retriever at the 2016 Bocce Nationals at Campo de Bocce. We quickly sold out of our patented Classic design.

We went back to the drawing board to improve on the Classic design and came up with the ChickenFoot Premiere. We kept the same custom Wynn Dri-Tac golf grip but added our own adjustable pole with a removable ChickenFoot. Making the Premiere perfect for travel. The replaceable Premiere Foot makes it easy to replace broken part. Plus, the Premiere Foot is designed to be adaptable with most trekking poles.  

We continue to play in national bocce tournaments and locally in Phoenix. Bocce has brought our family together. We encourage you to take your favorite family members, go outside and play bocce. Because bocce is for everyone

We hope you enjoy the ChickenFoot Premiere.


Dan & Nathan Urioste